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A Service Second to None
As a property owner you have probably got a pretty good idea of the value of your home – but in today’s changing climate just how precise can you be? Expert property valuations must be based on these facts. Solid experience, absolute professional expertise in all aspects of the property purchase and sale, and a comprehensive knowledge of the locality based on constant day to day contact. We believe our knowledge and experience make it possible for us to obtain the best price for your property and provide a high standard of service.

If you are thinking of selling your home and come to us, this is our usual procedure. After visiting for a preliminary assessment, and having discussed your requirements thoroughly, instructions are confirmed and we immediately prepare full colour details of your property. These results are incorporated within our computerised database, which ensures that the moment your property becomes available our system automatically matches and alerts all suitable applicants, by text and e-mail, informing them of your property.

Furthermore, the full color details of the property are circulated to our many applicants who have been carefully selected as having a particular interest in your property.

We provide a controlled balance of full color local advertising, ensuring maximum exposure, being seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

We take care of all the appointments so you are not troubled by callers or phone calls at inconvenient times. We can arrange for a representative to show all potential purchasers around your home.

When an offer has been received and formally accepted, we complete the entire procedure and notify all the relevant parties, and, by maintaining close contact with all parties throughout, we ensure that they are kept fully informed of each stage as and when it occurs.

Specialist knowledge
Our localised knowledge of this unique area enables us to know intimately the facilities currently available. We are specialists and that counts for a great deal, as you will discover from the moment you contact us.

A Better Service
We hope that by giving you an idea of the way in which we work, we have been able to make it clear to you why we at doran kennedy, are held in such high regard by so many property owners for whom we have been privileged to act. Being a specialised ‘local agent’ gives us, and you, a big advantage if you decide to sell your home. If you require further information or advice, why not telephone or better still, visit our office where you can discuss your property needs with one of our experienced negotiators.

Why Choose Us
Our hard earned enviable reputation ensures our placement at the top

Moving home can be an emotional roller coaster. Our commitment to you ensures that we will be with you every step of the way. From advice on how to highlight your homes best features to our in house legal services / Financial Advisors nothing is to much to ask of us.

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